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Philanthropic Advising and Strategy

Philanthropic Advising and Strategy

Philanthropy can and must play a catalytic role in helping to create societal change, and community must drive change. NG Strategies will help you set a philanthropic investment strategy, practice, and process rooted in equity and trust-based philanthropy. Whether you are seeking support in embedding equity into your process, or shifting your investment strategy to systems change, Nicky will partner with you to explore what will serve your community and your organization best in the context in which you operate. There is no one size fits all -- but there are community-centered best practices that we can apply to maximize impact.

Executive coaching and leadership

Executive and Coaching Leadership

Leadership can be lonely and particularly challenging during times of change. Nicky has led organizations through major shifts from traditional philanthropy and nonprofit practices to those focused internally and programmatically on anti-racism and systems change. There is no one blueprint or roadmap -- but Nicky's deep and varied leadership across multiple organizations and sectors enables her to support you in your leadership journey with expertise, empathy, and humanity.

Nicky Goren Coaching

Board Development and Governance

Building a strong, diverse board with the experience and expertise to lead and govern is critical to an organization's success. Nicky has developed and supported multiple boards as a CEO and has served on boards, including as board chair. Based on those experiences, she will help you develop strong systems for board recruitment, development, and governance, rooted in equity and consistent with both the context of your organization and best practices.

Philanthropic Advising and Strategy
Executive Leaership an coaching
Board development and governance
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